Decent citizens tend to trust government and those in authority. However, the globalists, who have unmeasurable unelected authority meet in hundreds of secret societies, groups and think tanks to continually tweak the world’s direction. Yet the elite are forced on occasions to reset the stop watch, having underestimated their grooming of the population. Occasionally something happens that they do not expect, and it is then, in their desperation to correct the “situation”, that We the People catch a glimpse of them as they step out from the dark shadows.

Within a jacked-up political system, the West has been conned into thinking democracy and government is by the people; while in reality, it is a tool towards global socialism. The veneer of democracy hangs by a thread in the wake of 2016-2017, when the West felt the elite push-back against the democratic voice of the people. Elite funded Antifa, elite owned social media platforms and elite owned television outlets converged as an army of sorts, attempting to contain the unexpected populous uprising of the people of Britain and America.
The Brexit victory in the United Kingdom was the democratic voice of working people calling for autonomy from Brussels dictatorship, and the election of Donald J. Trump by the shrinking middle class, crying for help. Both victories by the people, were unexpected and unappreciated by globalist, setting their programme back decades. The rising populous push-back was also witnessed in Europe as national and cultural identities were fought for. The world observed a serendipitous organic response to the realisation that the elite are staging the world for their own gain and populations are of little count.
The globalists reaction is always to cause chaos. $billions are still being spent by elites like George Soros, who recruits and pays violent mobs; CNN, MNBC, ABC, BBC who are given a choreographed word for word narrative in attempt to topple the US government; and Brexit held in a £billion elite head-lock stalling democracy in a mop-up movement to bring power back to themselves.

‘Bringing order out of Chaos’
George Soros (1930-), Billionaire, Communist

Today, to be a nationalist, a lover of one’s country and culture automatically means to be far-right, Xenophobe, Nazi, Fascist, racist, bigoted and intolerant. Such fervour is fanned by globalists in power and reiterated by controlled media spreading evocative claims and statements, and disinformation.

George Soros who is committed to causing chaos, unrest and polarisation controls Media Matters, a left-wing News funnel that shuts
down right-wing politics, allowing the population to only hear left wing propaganda. Soros has the power and backing to bring individuals, companies or government to their knees for the crime of holding conservative values.  He also controls American Bridge, CREW and Shareblue, all leftwing organisations controlling the political narrative.

Media Matters leaked, private and confidential publication Democracy Matters: Strategic Plan for Action (PDF*). These groups do not think democracy or media really matters, ie, is vital. This is double-talk designed to convey one message for a naive public, that Matters are vital and important for a free society. Insiders understand, Matters means Concerns - Concerns needing to be manipulated, dealt with, eliminated.

The United States of America and the United Kingdom are two targeted countries. For the people of the earth, these two countries are the canary in the [Western world] coal mine. Once the Globalists, Elite, Deep State have hobbled the US and UK, the rest of the West has no chance.

If the US falls, Canada’s puppet prime Minster Justin Trudeau, will be removed, and Canada will capitulate, along with Corporatized Australia that waits in the wings pretending to be a democratic country.