Page 119 Open Letter Crisis in Cosmology

Page 124 Astrobiology and Panspermia

Page 137
Tragedy and Hope

                  The Anglo-American Establishment

Page 140 The Committee of 300 1st edition

                  Conspirators’ Hierarchy, The Story of the Committee of 300

Page 150 Between Two Ages America’s Role in the Technetronic Era

Page 151, 210 The Impact of Science on Society

Page 152 Global 2000

Page 154 The First Global Revolution

Page 155 Limits to Growth Report

Page 158 Secret Instructions of the Jesuits

Page 159, The Jesuit Enigma

Page 160 History of Romanism

Page 161 Protocols of the Wisemen of Zion
                  Mein Kampf

Page 161 Behind the Dictators

Page 167 Conflict of the Ages

Page 169 The Dionysian Artificer

Page 171, 180 En Route to Global Occupation

Page 172, 295 Morals and Dogma The second edition

Page 176 The Deadly Deception

Page 179 UN Charter
Page 206, 396 Murder by (Medicine) Injection

Page 209 The Rockefeller Files

Page 212, The New England Primer

Page 215 Changing Images of Man

Page 218 Keeping the Balance: Ancient Greek Philosophical Concerns with Population and Environment

Page 222 Passing of the Great Race

Page 224 Breeding a better Citizenry Through Science

Page 227 Principles of Population

Page 228 The Age of Reason

Page 230 Earth Charter

Page 245 Education in the New Age

Page 246 United Nations Charter Treaty

Page 253 Lima Declaration and Plan of Action on Industrial Development Cooperation

                  Owning the Weather by 2025