Page 19, 379 Strategic Plan for Action

Page 25 Paradox Declining Female Happiness

Page 26 Animal Farm

                Lord of the Flies

                Brave New World

                Atlas Shrugged

Page 29 Repressive Tolerance

Page 30 Report of the Equality of men and Women in the European Union
                Life against death

Page 31 The Authoritarian Personality

Page 32 Dialectic of Enlightenment

Page 32, 179 Iron Mountain Report

Page 33 Counter Revolution and Revolt
                One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovish

                Gulag Archipelago


                Plato‚Äôs Republic

Page 34 Philip Dru, Administrator

                Strawberry Statement Notes of a College Revolutionary

Page 36 What is the Hegelian Dialectic?

                Studies in the Hegelian Dialectic

                Rules for Radicals

Page 38, 345 The Jesuit Conspiracy: The Secret plan of the Order

Page 40 None Dare Call It Conspiracy

Page 42 De la Grammatologue

Page 47, 179, 261 Silent Weapons, Quiet Wars

Page 52 Eugenics and Other Evils

                The Eugenic value of birth control propaganda

Page 53 Hereditary Genius
                The History of the Fabian Society

Page 55 Birth control Review

Page 77 UNESCO, I's Purpose and Its Philosophy

Page 84 A Journey in Other Worlds A Romance of the Future

Page 102 Talmud

Page 103 The Open Society and its Enemies

Page 104 - no longer available